Features of this release include:

  • QWERTY search keyboard – intuitive QWERTY keyboard provided to enter search information.  Roku style search keyboard can also be used. (Set via app configuration option.)
  • Search automation – DVPRemote automates the entry of search information on Roku “Search” screens.  Just enter the search terms using the DVPRemote keyboard and let it navigate the Roku search screen and select the search term numbers and letters for you.
  • Buttons autorepeat when they are held down – just like the Roku infrared remote
  • Buttons can be animated with highlights when pressed
  • Host information can be saved to player list even if a connection can not be made to it.  (For advanced users)
  • Configuration information can be emailed to the developer to help troubleshoot networking and other issues.
  • Additional configuration options available in app settings.
  • Bug fixes.
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