Bug Fixes

  • Discovery unable to find Netgear-branded Roku players
  • Less than 10 titles in Netflix queue causing crash
  • Grayed-out Edit and Add Player (“+”) buttons on Player screen when no-players were discovered after refresh
  • Crash on devices running iOS 3.1.3 or earlier when modifying or manually adding players
  • Random ocurrences of blank screen followed by crash on cancel when unable to communicate with manually added or modified player.

Enhancements and Misc:

  • Tested with iOS 4.2.
  • Improved icon contrast.
  • Enhanced player discovery is significantly faster and now populates the Serial Number field automatically.
  • Change info button from “i” to “*” label on 9-button layout remote to match new Roku infrared remote button labels.
  • Change support email address to dvpremote@gmail.com.
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