New and User-Requested Features

  • Full gesture support to support heads-up, TV screen facing operation.
  • Channel Icons added to Channel List.
  • Full accessibility support.
  • Refresh of channel list retains user re-ordering and puts new channels at the end of the list.
  • Supports URL startup using custom URL Schemes (see DVPRemote URL Scheme web page for full details).
  • New user preference for enabling or disabling memory warnings (disabled by default).
  • New user preference for enabling or disabling Netflix Instant Queue Navigation prompts (enabled by default).
  • Numerous performance improvements and UI tweaks.

Bug Fixes

  • Crash on startup issue present in 2.0.1 fixed.
  • “Unable to parse channel list XML” problem fixed. Now supports any number of Roku channels.
  • Fixed Netflix Instant Queue Navigation login startup error.
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