New Features:

  • Settings are now accessible from within app (in addition to main iOS device settings page).
  • Paste button on keyboard toolbar which supports pasting of text from iOS device pasteboard to the Roku. (Great for IPTVMYWAY or Simple Video Streamer Channel!). See support web site for how to paste from your PC or MAC.).
  • Rotate to landscape to automatically launch a landscape keyboard for iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Automatic player discovery (enabled by default).  Manual refresh still available through setting on advanced tab.
  • Color status indicators on Player screen show current player status: Green = status reports being received from player; Yellow = no status reports being received from player; and Blue = player is located on a network other than what your iOS device is on.
  • In addition to swiping or double-tapping top bar of remote to select which Roku is being controlled, the colored status indicator on the player list can now be tapped to select the player to control.  The selected Roku player will have a checkmark in the color status indicator circle.
  • New URL Scheme option for pasting: dvpremote://PlayerName?pasteboard=TextToPaste
  • Support for saving tab order set from “More” tab for iPhone and iPod touch.
  • New automatic network latency adaptation for reliably controlling Roku over a WAN connection.
  • Multiple mechanisms for player discovery (i.e. SSDP and non-SSDP) from advanced Settings.
  • Advanced network debugging capabilities.
  • New “Natural Gesture” setting which inverts the navigation action resulting from an up or down single finger swipe or drag gesture.
  • Numerous GUI tweaks and improvements.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes:

  • Workaround for Roku SSDP Issue – if your had an issue where your player was discovered by DVPRemote but the app could not control it, this workaround for the Roku issue may fix the problem.
  • Fixed non-uniform button offsets on keyboard toolbar.

Roku 2 Compatibility:

  • All of functionality of DVPRemote works with the Roku 2 (e.g. Instant Replay, Info, Up, Down, Left, Right, Home, Back, FF, REW, Play/Pause, QWERTY Keyboard, player discovery, channel discovery, channel navigation, Netflix Instant Queue Navigation, Gesture Pad, etc.).
  • DVPRemote currently does not support the Roku 2 XS game specific functionality (e.g. motion sensor, A and B buttons).  Roku has not yet published how to invoke these capabilities with the External Control Protocol.
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