DVPRemote for Roku, featured on Engadget, Macworld, and Zatznotfunny, enables your iOS device to control Roku Digital Video Players (DVP). In addition supporting to all standard Roku infrared remote control functions, DVPRemote for Roku enables a user to:

  • Enter text using dictation (on iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and newer devices) or the standard iOS keyboard in portrait or landscape mode (on all devices).
  • Select a channel by tapping on it in a user prioritized list.
  • Execute functions by tapping buttons on a user selected remote “skin”.
  • Execute functions by swiping and tapping on a gesture pad which supports both “natural” and standard gestures.
  • Control multiple players and switch between them with a single swipe gesture.
  • Customize the look (e.g. choose a skin) and behavior (e.g. enable/disable lock screen, sound, vibration, etc.) of the app.
  • Send the iOS paste buffer to a Roku player.
  • Utilize URL Scheme strings to send list of commands to a player (e.g. macros).
  • DVPRemote for Roku will automatically configure itself by finding the Roku players on your network. It also allows player information to be entered manually if desired.

DVPRemote is not limited to short range line of sight like a standard infrared remote since a WiFI network connection is used. This allows control of Roku players that are inside entertainment centers, in another part of the house, or (with appropriate configuration) anywhere on the internet.

You can use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to control your Roku Player while you watch movies and shows from your Netflix Instant Queue, Amazon Video On Demand, Hulu Plus, MLB.tv, or any of the other channels from the Roku Channel Store!

If you would like to view DVPRemote in the App Store click here or on the “Available on the App Store” icon above.

IMPORTANT: The Roku Player controlled must be accessible from a WiFi connection on the device running DVPRemote for this application to work properly. (The Roku DVP can be connected to the internet by either hardwired ethernet or WiFi.)

If you need support for DVPRemote or want additional information about it including a tutorial video, go to the support web page or contact us directly.  If you have a comment or suggestion on how to improve DVPRemote, please contact us directly.


One situation where you probably still want to use your Infrared Remote is if you travel with your Roku.  We take ours on vacation with us.  If you try to connect the network at your destination, it is likely to require configuration using the Roku setup screens since the network address configured in the Roku is likely different than that required at your destination.  These setup screens may require the use of the infrared or bluetooth remote control that came with your Roku.  Click here to find out when DVPRemote can be used if you don’t have access to your Roku infrared remote control and need to move your Roku Player to a new network.